These nearly 3000 items from the BBC Archive have been made freely available for personal, educational, and research use, licensed under the terms of the RemArc licence.

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Search Results

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  1. Drawing Office

    Avenue House, Clapham: Equipment Department: Part of the Main Drawing Office.

    44 KB

    1930s, people, images

  2. Factory Cotton Girl

    Girl in a cotton factory

    40 KB

    1930s, people, images

  3. Farmer

    Farmer, 1930s

    680 KB

    1930s, people, audio

  4. Fashion

    Man and woman at the entrance to the Radio Times office

    45 KB

    1930s, people, images

  5. Gardeners

    Gardening in the grounds of Alexandra Palace - Outside Broadcast (OB), C.H. Middleton on the far left, July 1937.

    73 KB

    1930s, people, images

  6. Groundsman

    Groundsman, at work.

    44 KB

    1930s, people, images

  7. Groundsman Sweeping

    Groundsman, at work.

    55 KB

    1930s, people, images

  8. Henry Hall Smoking

    BBC Personalities Henry Hall and Leslie Mitchell Smoking. Bandleader Henry Hall, who is leaving the BBC, lights a cigarette for commentator Leslie Mitchell during a farewell conversation.

    37 KB

    1930s, people, images

  9. Horn Section

    The horn section of the BBC Theatre Orchestra, 1930s

    34 KB

    1930s, people, images

  10. Indoor Games Bar

    Indoor Games, Darts and Shove Ha'Penny, May 1937.

    39 KB

    1930s, people, images

  11. Irving Berlin

    Mr. Henry Hall and Mr. Irving Berlin, October 1932.

    26 KB

    1930s, people, images

  12. Kitzbuhel Group

    The Kitzbuhel Tyroleans.

    36 KB

    1930s, people, images