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  1. Children In Radio Studio

    Presenter of the interlude 'Let's Join the Children' take children into the penguins enclosure, to record their impressions for their fathers, who are serving in Iceland and The Faroes.

    34 KB

    1930s, childhood, images

  2. Toys In Glasgow Radio Studio

    The BBC outside broadcast cameras visiting a West End store so that viewers can watch children enjoying the Christmas toy display. The television announcer helps a little girl to try out one of the toys.

    33 KB

    1930s, childhood, images

  3. Trade Union Strike

    Trade Union strikes, 1920s

    3 MB

    1930s, events, audio

  4. Cinema Al Jolson

    Cinema, Al Jolson, 1920s

    2 MB

    1930s, leisure, audio

  5. Garden Party

    People drinking in a pub

    57 KB

    1930s, leisure, images

  6. Variety Party

    Victory Party (02/05/1945) the BBC Variety Departments peak victory programme, broadcast on the 2nd VE day, May 1945, in the BBC Home Service, and later in the General Forces programme. (Left-Right) - Vera Lynn, Elsie Waters, Jack Train, Doris Waters, and some of the returned British Prisoners of War who were among the audience

    41 KB

    1930s, people, images

  7. Tennis

    Arthur Ashe playing against a Britain's player Graham Stillwell in the Fourth Round of the Men's Singles at Wimbledon which Arthur Ashe won 6-2 5-7 6-4 6-2.

    35 KB

    1930s, sport, images

  8. Attentive Class

    Picture shows an attentive class of school children in 1927.

    89 KB

    1930s, childhood, images

  9. Class Listen To Wireless

    School listening to Empire Day celebrations 1927.

    103 KB

    1930s, childhood, images

  10. Inattentive Class

    Picture shows an inattentive class of school children in 1927.

    90 KB

    1930s, childhood, images

  11. Classroom

    Picture shows - Schools Talk, at Elstow School, September 1926

    91 KB

    1930s, childhood, images

  12. Class Cookery

    Cookery class. Picture taken to illustrate series of articles in The Listener College of Technology and Arts, Rugby. 1937

    39 KB

    1930s, childhood, images